In complete contrast with the 'clone war' that pervades the professional audio market, we want to innovate, invent and progress, offering professionals something really new in the panorama of studio condenser microphones.

Magnitube, Ferro and Multi-Deluxe, the new Braingasm Lab condenser microphones are unique pieces of 100% made in Italy technology, in step with the new studio recording trends and developed in collaboration with the best sound engineers on the international scene.


Joe Chiccarelli used Braingasm microphones to track Morrissey's latest album, Low in High School. read the whole interview here.



The ribbons sounded great on electric guitars and drums. Really big sounding with rich low end. Perfect for loud rock guitars. 
On drums the mics were well balanced and full sounding. 
We also used the FET condenser on acoustic guitar and it delivered a clear and very forward sound.
The mics really helped out the sessions. We appreciate it immensely, 
Well done.  Joe C



Roberto Rosu is one of the most renown sound engineers in Italy, also partner of Sterling Sound. We met in his studio talking about low-end theory and Dick Mics.



When Magnitube arrived in my studio, the idea was to make a short video review to show his very unique features (variable impedance, THD control, built in de-esser). Once fired up i was so excited of the sound that the idea of a short review turned into a shootout, a direct comparison with the industry Neumann U87. Read more (italian)
— Lipstick Studio - Rome

Braingasm is a brave brand, which dares, and is not afraid to get involved by presenting professional products that clash with industry giants while maintaining low prices. Read more (italian)
— Mauro Lamanna - Italiarec

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