We think of Magnitube as an ’avant-garde tube microphone’, a very creative studio tool designed to satisfy every recording application, particularly suitable for tracking vocals, drum rooms and acoustic instruments.

It features a unique tube circuitry, previously unseen in a tube microphone, a built in quick de-esser, switchable T.H.D. % control and variable output impedance, enriching the studio recording horizons with countless possibilities.

The hexagonal pattern mesh guarantees the highest ratio between open surface and structural seal, delivering minimum phase interference caused by reflections inside the capsule housing.

The T.H.D. % control allows to vary percentage and type of harmonics of the tube circuit, giving room for experimenting from super clean recording to a rich colorful sound.

The ‘harsh’ control allows to engage a quick de-esser during vocal tracking, also very useful to tame the typical harshness of winds and acoustic string instruments.


Magnitube is equipped with a center terminated large diaphragm capsule with 26mm gold-sputtered diaphragms

The variable output impedance is achieved through a special multi-tap Sowter transformer, commonly used as a mic input in Neve preamps. The unique circuit architecture of Magnitube allows the use of this transformer in the tube output stage, providing additional level control and tone shaping.

The 50 ohm tap allows interfacing to vintage consoles and pramplifiers without any alteration due to impedance mismatch. Also useful for obtaining an attenuation of 6dB in output without altering amplifier’s sound.


  • Unique tube amplifier design

  • Variable output impedance (50 / 200 ohm)

  • Custom Sowter output transformer

  • Variable T.H.D. | Quick de-esser

  • Switchcraft connector

  • Acoustic principle: Pressure gradient transducer

  • Polar patterns: Cardioid - Omni - Fig. 8

  • Sensitivity: (1 kHz / 1 kohm) 16/22/20 mV/Pa

  • Diameter: 55m

  • 100% made in Italy